Child Development and Assistance ( 5 volumes ) Japanese Version
Child Development and Assistance This video visually describes the outline of how children’s developments are going on, observational points of children’s behaviors, and the practical method of assistant to reach an understanding of all those.
5 volumes set
■ Planned and Supervised by Kyoko Matsumura (professor, Hyogo Univ. of Teacher Education)
WK-01 Development of Motor Function
WK-01 Development of Motor Function ■ Outline of Motor Functional Development: Review the children exercise regarded as an indication for motor functional development according to their age separately in  locomotion and in hand exercise.
■ Assistance for Motor Functional Development: Describes delayed motor functional development with examples of  intellectual impairment and cerebral paralysis , and also describes the significance of early detection and treatment of impairment. Shows the indication of children developmental criteria (motor milestone test).
21 min.
WK-02 Development of Emotion
WK-02 Development of Emotion ■ Outline of Emotional Development: With a focus on Lewis’ chart of emotional development, reviews and describes how children develop emotions, meaning  newborn babies begin to have self consciousness. Also, reviews the characteristics of emotional expression and children after the emergence of self consciousness.
■ Assistance for Emotional Development: Describes causes and assisting way of the five problems in the children emotional development process such as “lack of response” or “poor emotion” etc.
20 min.
WK-03 Development of Sociality
WK-03 Development of Sociality ■ Outline of Social Development: Reviews how children’s attachment to parents develops  to describe starting with neonatal period step by step. Also, reviews through a play how the relationship develops after the formation of attachment is formed.
■ Assistance for Social Development: Describes causes and assisting way of the six problems such as “intensive following” or “taking up friend’s toy” etc.
21 min.
WK-04 Development of Verbal Function
WK-04 Development of Verbal Function ■ Outline of Verbal Development: Reviews language understanding and locutionary behavior focusing on two aspects of verbal development from neonatal period to a 6-year-old infant. Furthermore, reviews adult’s typical speech pattern to children called as mother reads.
■ Assistance for Verbal Development: Reviews the significance and remark of speaking to children and reading picture-book to them since they’re in neonatal period, and how to deal with savage tongue.
21 min.
WK-05 Developments of Cognition and Thinking
WK-05 Developments of Cognition and Thinking ■ Outline of Development of Cognition and Thinking: Describes Piajet’s theory of developmental stages of thinking, and reviews the sensorimotor stage, development of cognition and thinking among pre-operational stages.
Reviews primitive reflex, acquiring of circulatory response, and memory development in the sensorimotor stage. Reviews the significance of make-believe play, characteristics of child’s thinking (aminism, realism, egocentrism, intellectual realism) through the experiments by Piajet and by Freeman.
■ Assistance for Development of Cognition and Thinking: Describes assisting way of the problems such as “short attention spans” or “incapable make-believe play” etc., and how to deal with children’s questioning stage.
22 min.

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