Visual New Exercise Physiology ( 6 volumes ) Japanese Version
Visual New Exercise Physiology Simply and visually describes the scientific foundation knowledge of physical exertion, especially focusing on physical adaptation or function in exercise from the viewpoint of physiology.
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■ Supervised by Takashi Takemiya (professor, Nippon Sport Science Univ./emeritus professor, Tsukuba Univ.)
EP-01 Science of Neuromuscular Power
EP-01 Science of Neuromuscular Power ■ Skeletal Muscle and Nervous System --- Organization of neuromuscular unit, innervation of skeletal muscle, functions of motor center and motor control ■ Physiology of Skeletal Muscle ---  Mechanism of muscle contraction, patterns of muscle contraction, function of tendon, skeletal muscular energy and metabolic property, type of muscle and profile ■ Exercise and Muscle  ---  Muscular hypertrophy and power, muscular tiredness and adaptation, and stability of muscular activity
29 min.
■ Planned by Testuo Fukunaga (professor, Dept. of Sport Science, Waseda Univ.)
EP-02 Science of Vital Transportation Capacity
EP-02 Science of Vital Transportation Capacity ■ Respiration --- Fundamental physiology of respiration, blood gas transport, enhanced ventilation in exercise, exercise and O2 uptake ■ Central Circulation --- Mechanism of central circulation including heart, heart rate and cardiac output, function of vascular network, thoracic and Muscle Pumpings, and Adaptation to Exercise ■ Peripheral Circulation --- Mechanism and function of peripheral circulation system, and adaptation to exercise
29 min.
■ Planned by Takashi Takemiya (professor, Nippon Sport Science Univ. / emeritus professor, Tsukuba Univ.)
EP-03 Science of Homeostasis
EP-03 Science of Homeostasis ■ Body Temperature ---Mechanism of thermoregulation, sudation, thermoregulatory response in exercise ■ Body Fluid --- Action of water and electrolyte, mechanism of elimination (renal function), exercise and alteration of body fluid (volume and composition), dehydration and recovery in exercise, blood acid-base balance ■ Endocrine Regulation --- Stress and endocrine function, endocrine regulation involved in physiological response on motion, training effect and endocrine adaptation
28 min.
■ Planned by Taketoshi Morimoto (president, Kobe Women’s Univ.)
EP-04 Science of Nutrition Energy
EP-04 Science of Nutrition Energy ■ Energy Production and Consumption --- Energy gained (digestion and absorption), energy generation mechanism and consumption, basal metabolism, metabolism of activity ■ Exercise and Energy --- Exercise effects on digestion and absorption, adaptation of absorption power, metabolic alteration in exercise (glucide, lipid, protein) ■ Nutrition Sustaining Exercise --- Nutrition building up body, energy supply appropriate for exercise, nutrition for training, nutrient balance, and nutrition formula
29 min.
■ Planned by Mitsuru Higuchi (professor, Dept. of Sport Science, Waseda Univ.)
EP-05 Sport Medicine
EP-05 Sport Medicine ■ Training and Health Control ---What physical strength really means, insufficient exercise and training ■ Lifestyle-related Diseases and Sports --- Preventive medicine and kinesitherapy (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipemia) ■ Exercise Prescription --- Medical check-ups, exercise tolerance, test of physical strength, and exercise prescription ■ Sports and Disorders --- Heat disorder, anemia, disorder of joint, bone, or muscle and its prevention
31 min.
■ Planned by Gen Yamazaki (professor, Sport Medicine Research Center, Waseda Univ.)
EP-06 Science of Training
EP-06 Science of Training ■ Introduction --- Principles of training ■ Physical Strength System --- Muscular strength and stamina, training of muscular strength, training of stamina ■ Nervous System --- Skills training, mental strength and training ■ Training in practice --- Procedure and safety (water hydration, nutritional state)
27 min.
■ Planned by Junichiro Aoki (assistant president, Juntendo Univ.)

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