Visual Specified Disease ( 4 volumes ) Japanese Version
Visual Specified Disease According to the Japanese law of the Long-term Care Insurance Law, specified disease is defined as “the legal disease, which results from physical alteration as people get aged” (7-3-2, the Long-term Care Insurance Law). This video series is mainly targeted to students in the field of welfare or nurse, and describes the basics of anatomy and physiology, the cause or symptom etc focusing on the specified disease as well as the key point in the nursing.
4 volumes set

■Generally Supervised by Kyozo Yonemoto (president, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. of Health Sciences / emeritus professor, Tokyo Jikei Univ. School of Medicine)
■Cooperated by Ikuko Nakano (professor, Dept. of Social Work, Inst. of Health Science, Tokai Univ.)

DE-01 Cerebrovascular Disease and Dementia
DE-01 Cerebrovascular Disease and Dementia ■Specified Diseases in Japanese law of the Long-term Care Insurance Law ■Cerebrovascular Disease: Definition and Actual condition, Symptom and therapy of cerebrovascular disease (prevention of disuse syndrome; changing position, training of sitting position, ADL training, etc.), After effects and care (responses to one-sided paralysis, swallowing disorder, and aphasia, etc.) ■Dementia: Facts of the elderly and dementia, Types and symptoms of dementia (cerebrovascular type, Alzheimer type), Symptoms and care of dementia
35 min.
  ■Cooperated by Satoshi Miyano (professor, Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicien, Tokyo Zikei Univ. School of Medicine) / Akira Ishida (professor, Rehabilitation Science Lab., Faculty of Medicine, Tokai Univ.)
DE-02 Neurodegenerative Disease
DE-02 Neurodegenerative Disease ■Parkinson’s Disease: Four major signs, Mechanism of sideration, Lebodopa therapy, Yahr classification of PD, Symptoms and care ■Spinocerebellar Degeneratoin (SCD), Shy-Drager syndrome (SDS): Clinical entity, condition (motility disturbance), mechanism of sideration and rehabilitation  of SCD, Symptoms (of autonomic nervous) and care of SDS ■Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS): Clinical entity of ALS, kinesitherapy, home care for ALS patients
37 min.
  ■Cooperated by Yukio Mano (professor, Rehabilitation Medicine Course, Hokkaido Univ. Graduate School of Medicine)
DE-03 Osseous, Arthral, and Vertebral Degenerative Diseases
DE-03 Osseous, Arthral, and Vertebral Degenerative Diseases ■Functions of Skeleton, Joint, and Vertebral Column ■Osteoprosis Accompanied by Fracture: Bone metabolism and osteoprosis, Prevention and care of osteoprosis ■Osteoarthritis: Causes and symptoms, Prevention and approach to therapy ■Chronic Rheumatism: Mechanism of sideration, Symptoms and degree of disorder, therapy ■Spinal Canal Stenosis and Ossification of Posterior Longitudinal Ligament: Causes, Degenerative part (cervical and lumbar level), Other symptoms and its responses
36 min.
  ■Cooperated by Yasushi Hayashi (director, Tokyo Tama Geriatric Care Center)
DE-04 Other Diseases
DE-04 Other Diseases ■Diabetic Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Retinopathy: What diabetes is, Symptoms and complications (lethargy, arterial sclerosis, three major complication), therapy and care (meal, kensitherapy, care for foot) ■Arteriosclerosis Obliterans: Cause and symptoms, therapy and response to symptoms ■Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Definition of COPD, Mechanism of sideration, Approach to therapy and responses ■Progeria: Types of progeria, Causes and properties of Werner’s syndrome
37 min.
  ■Cooperated by Tsuguyoshi Asano (director, Asano Lifestyle-related Riseases Research Institute) / Shigenobu Ishigami (associate professor, Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, National Defense Medical College Hospital) / Shin Goto (chief physician, Dept. of Rheumatic Collagen Disease, Tokyo Prefectural Ootsuka Hospital)

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