Doctor's Eye : Medical Apecialists Recommended by Noted Doctors Japanese narrated version BS-i

Doctor's Eye : Medical Apecialists Recommended by Noted Doctors is a medical TV program that introduces ideal doctors through the eyes of doctors, which aired from a satellite-delivered.
What we’re all concerned about most is diseases. Nobody knows when and how diseases will strike us down. This program is a medical TV program that introduces how we can keep ourselves away from diseases and how we can overcome the diseases if we fell ill.

■ Medical specialists recommended by noted doctors
We suppose that it is enhanced trust that allows doctors and patients to see favorable relationship in each other. “Who and what medical institute do I choose to go and see if I were a patient?” Noted doctors with profound insight and extensive experience are interviewed on their answers to this question. Based on their answers, medical specialists are introduced in clinical scenes.
■ To know of disease
Mechanism of how diseases are developed is thorough detailed using CG. Furthermore, it is also introduced how we can prevent diseases, how much tendency of diseases we have, what food helps us prevent diseases.
  ■ M.C. : Fumio Yamamoto, Kyoko Nagaoka (TBS announcer)
■ Commentator : Hiro-o Matsui (medical journalist)
■ Copyright/Produced by : BS-i, INCORPORATED
■ Copyright/Produced by : TOHOSEISAKU, Inc.
■ Selling agency : Institute of A-V Medical Education (IME)
■ VHS,DVD : JPY7,980
■ Complete set of 50 volumes : JPY399,000
Program code Program title Time (min)
BS-01 Diabetes 44
BS-02 Subarachnoid hemorrhage 43
BS-03 Lumbago(Lumbar spinal canal stenosis) 43
BS-04 Colon polyp 42
BS-05 Glaucoma 41
BS-06 SAS: Sleep apnea syndrome 41
BS-07 Knee pain(Osteoarthritis) 42
BS-08 Menopausal syndrome 43
BS-09 Trigeminal neuralgia 48
BS-10 Lung cancer 48
BS-11 Colon cancer 42
BS-12 Hypophysis cancer 48
BS-13 Hypertension 43
BS-14 Osteoporosis 48
BS-15 Cardiac infarction 48
BS-16 Esophagus cancer 43
BS-17 Biliary calculus 42
BS-18 Coxodynia(Degenerative hip disease) 43
BS-19 Rheumatology 48
BS-20 Gastric cancer 48
BS-21 Hepatic cancer 48
BS-22 Cerebral infarction 48
BS-23 Arrhythmia 48
BS-24 Congenital heart disease 48
BS-25 Urinary calculus 44
BS-26 Pneumothorax 48
BS-27 Angina pectoris 48
BS-28 Uterine cancer 48
BS-29 Valvular disease of heart 48
BS-30 Disc herniation 43
BS-31 Hemorrhoid 48
BS-32 Carcinoma of the prostate 47
BS-33 Frozen shoulder 47
BS-34 Hydrocephaly 46
BS-35 Age-related macular degeneration 47
BS-36 Brain tumor 47
BS-37 Cerebral aneurysm 46
BS-38 Inguinal hernia 47
BS-39 Parkinson's disease 47
BS-40 Retinal detachment 47
BS-41 Family physician1, 2 48
BS-42 Lingual cancer 48
BS-43 Cardiomyopathy 48
BS-44 Cervical spondylosis deformans 48
BS-45 Bladder carcinoma 48
BS-46 Arteriosclerosis Obliterans 48
BS-47 Thoracic aortic aneurysm 48
BS-48 Skin cancer 48
BS-49 Prostate-gland enlargement 48
BS-50 Sports Orthopedics 48
BS- 50 volume set sales

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