Mechanism of Living Body 2nd Edition (The First Part:Vol.1-54) Japanese Version
Mechanism of Living Body 2nd Edition

This is 2nd edition for a nursing educational program with the theme “What does it mean biologically to be a human?”
This program is on anatomical physiology for a nurse. As each video being five to ten minutes long, you can easily search for the intended materials out of the videos and make a combination of them for your purpose.  Thus, it is so useful that an effective management of your class can be available.

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■Cooperated by Fuki Horiuchi (professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ibaraki Prefectural Univ. of Health Sciences)
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1th series Vol.1 Nature and Human ■ Life Processes
Vol.2 Life Cycle ■ Growth and Development
Vol.3 Life Cycle ■ Aging and Death
Vol.4 Skin and Mucosa ■ Nonspecific Immune Mechanism
Vol.5 Skin and Mucosa ■ Diaphoresis, Sense
Vol.6 Sensory Process
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2th series Vol.7 Visual Sense ■ Photoreceptive Function and Color Sense
Vol.8 Visual Sense ■ Regulatory Function of Eye
Vol.9 Auditory and Equilibratory Senses
Vol.10 Gustatory and Olfactory Senses
Vol.11 Somatic and Visceral Senses
Vol.12 Cardiac Occurrence and Circulation
©2005 46 JPY37,800
3th series Vol.13 Cardiac Appearance and Muscle
Vol.14 Circulatory Pressure and Regulation
Vol.15 Cardiac Output and Regulation
Vol.16 Cardiac Valve and Sound
Vol.17 Cardiac Stimulus Conduction System and Electrocardiogram
Vol.18 Coronary Circulation and Bypass Angio
©2006 41 JPY37,800
4th series Vol.19 Artery
Vol.20 Capillary and Vein
Vol.21 Lymph System and Spleen
Vol.22 Information Gained from Blood
Vol.23 Erythrocyte
Vol.24 Leukocyte
©2006 46 JPY37,800
5th series Vol.25 Blood Coagulation
Vol.26 Blood Type
Vol.27 Respiratory Mechanism ■ Trachea
Vol.28 Respiratory Organ ■ Lung
Vol.29 Respiration and Respiratory Regulation
Vol.30 Oxygenic Demand of Tissue
©2006 43 JPY37,800
6th series Vol.31 Gas Exchange in Lung
Vol.32 Acid-base Balance
Vol.33 Assessment of Respiratory Function
Vol.34 Kidney
Vol.35 Urinary System ■ Micturition
Vol.36 Information Gained from Urine
©2006 52 JPY37,800
7th series Vol.37 Assessment of Renal Function
Vol.38 Humoral Balance
Vol.39 Electrolyte and Humoral Balance
Vol.40 Nutritious Need 1 ■ Demand of Energy with Growth
Vol.41 Nutritious Need 2 ■ Metabolism
Vol.42 Upper Gastrointestinal Tract
©2006 47 JPY37,800
8th series Vol.43 Stomach
Vol.44 Small Intestine
Vol.45 Large Intestine
Vol.46 Liver
Vol.47 Biliary System
Vol.48 Pancreas
©2005 43 JPY37,800
9th series Vol.49 Peritoneum
Vol.50 Digestion and Absorption
Vol.51 Nutritive Use ■ Protein Metabolism
Vol.52 Nutritive Use ■ Glucose Metabolism
Vol.53 Nutritive Use ■ Lipid Metabolism
Vol.54 Metabolism
©2005 52 JPY37,800
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10th series Vol.55 Body Temperature ■ Heat Production and Radiation
Vol.56 Thermoregulation
Vol.57 Environment and Body Temperature
Vol.58 Reproductive Organ ■ Male
Vol.59 Reproduction ■ Sperm and Ejaculation
Vol.60 Reproductive Organ ■ Female
©2004 37 JPY37,800
11th series Vol.61 Reproduction ■ Oestrial cycle
Vol.62 Reproduction ■ Pregnancy 1
Vol.63 Reproduction ■ Pregnancy 2 and Parturition
Vol.64 Emergence of Central Nerve
Vol.65 Cerebrum
Vol.66 Cerebellum, Diencephalon
©2004 43 JPY37,800
12th series Vol.67 Mesencephalon, Pons, Medulla Oblonata
Vol.68 Cerebral Nerve and Blood Vessel
Vol.69 Spinal Cord and Autonomic Nerve
Vol.70 Mechanism of Neurotransmission
Vol.71 Reflex
Vol.72 Sleep
©2004 47 JPY37,800
13th series Vol.73 Expression of Consciousness
Vol.74 Learning and Memory
Vol.75 Language and Bilateral Cerebral Hemisphere
Vol.76 Emotion
Vol.77 Stress and Adaptation
Vol.78 Body Defence System
©2005 49 JPY37,800
14th series Vol.79 Immunity
Vol.80 Enzyme
Vol.81 Vitamin and Coenzyme
Vol.82 Bone Category and Growth
Vol.83 Vertebral Column and Posture
Vol.84 Category of Skeletal Muscle
©2005 60 JPY37,800
15th series Vol.85 Principle of Muscle Contraction
Vol.86 Arthrosis and Motor System
Vol.87 Four Limbs and Exercise
Vol.88 Physical Capacity and Exercise
Vol.89 Exercise and Physiological Function
Vol.90 Exercise and Hormone
©2005 47 JPY37,800
 16th series Vol.91 Exercise and Energy Supply
Vol.92 Assessment of Exercise
Vol.93 Hormone
Vol.94 Pituitary Hormone
Vol.95 Thyroid Hormone
Vol.96 Parathyroid Hormone
©2005 50 JPY37,800
17th series Vol.97 Pancreatic Hormone
Vol.98 Environment and Human
Vol.99 Vital Comstitutional Unit ■ Cell and Biological Membranee
Vol.100 Human as Biological Existence
©2005 34 JPY25,200

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