Knowledge of Disease for Comedical ( 20 volumes )
Knowledge of Disease for Comedical In this Circulatory Organ Series(Vol.1-10), visually details essential knowledge of cardiovascular diseases that clinicians want co-medical staff or those who are engaged in health care industry to be informed.
Respiratory Organ Series(Vol.11-20)are now in production.

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  Cardiovascular System Series (VOL.1-VOL.10)
Generally Supervised by Saichi Hosoda, Director, Sakakibara Memorial Hopsital of Incorporated Foundation of Japan Cardiac Pressure Research and Promoting)
  Respiratory Tract Series(VOL.11-VOL.20)
Generally Supervised by Shoji Kudo, Chief Professor, Dept. of Internal Medicine IV, Nippon Medical School)
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Cardiovascular System Series (VOL.1-VOL.10) Prices are JPY29,400 each.
Title Release Time
MV-01 Pathophysiology of Ischemic Heart Disease: The Basics ©2000 15
MV-02 Angina Pectoris ©2000 24
MV-03 Myocardial Infarction ©2000 19
MV-04 Cardiac Dysrhythmia: The Basics ©2002 30
MV-05 Tachyarrhythmia ©2002 34
MV-06 Bradyarrhythmia ©2002 24
MV-07 Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of Heart Failure ©2004 18
MV-08 Acute Heart Failure ©2004 21
MV-09 Chronic Heart Failure ©2004 23
MV-10 Cardiac Valvular Disease ©2004 22
Respiratory Tract Series (VOL.11-VOL.20) Prices are JPY29,400 each.
Title Release Time
MV-11 Respiratory Tract Infection ©2006 27
MV-12 Bronchial Asthma ©2006 36
MV-13 Diffuse Pulmonary Diseases 1 ©2006 29
MV-14 Diffuse Pulmonary Diseases 2 ©2007 27
MV-15 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) ©2005 33
MV-16 Pleural Disease ©2007 23
MV-17 Pulmonary Circulation Failure ©2007 23
MV-18 Bronchogenic Cancer ©2006 29
MV-19 Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS)  ©2005 27
MV-20 Chronic Respiratory Failure and Comprehensive Respiratory Rehabilitation ©2005 33

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